10 Questions to Ask Before Booking an Event Space

Booking an event space

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Planning an event can be an extremely exciting project to take on. But particularly for the inexperienced planner, it can also provide a certain degree of stress. How can you know if a particular venue is the best fit for your event?

These ten questions can help. Including both questions you should ask of yourself as the planner and of the venue, these inquiries will help give you direction in choosing the best possible venue for your event, and will assist you in figuring out some of the vital logistics necessary for making your event a success.

1. How many people are on the guest list? Say you’re planning an intimate get together for your closest friends. Does that list include 20 people, or 200? It depends from event to event, and this amount will have a big impact on the space you choose.

To ensure guest safety, most venues will have a maximum limit for how many guests can be in a space at any given time. So working hard to get the most accurate headcount for your event will really help with your planning and allow you to choose the most appropriate venue. 

2. What is your budget? Determining a budget is an important part of planning an event. Particularly if you’ve never done it before, a good proactive step is to reach out to a venue and inquire about pricing options. Often, different tiers will exist depending on what type of space is required and the degree of service you will require. Getting an idea of the basic pricing can help you determine what is an appropriate and reasonable budget for your event.

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3. What is the style of the event? This is a question that is good to ask both yourself (as the event space renter) and to clarify with the venue. What is the style of the event? Is it an elegant black tie affair? Or is it a casual-chic baby shower?

The style of the event can help you determine if a venue is right for you and your event. For instance, the back room of a boisterous Italian restaurant might not be the place for a more serious affair; on the other hand, if you’re having a fun-loving 40th birthday party, you don’t want a venue that is too serious. At Clique Hospitality, we have a number of different venues to choose from, so depending on the style and tone of your event, you can choose the most appropriate one for you.

4. Are there any restrictions? Different venues may have certain rules or restrictions in place. This may be due to zoning laws, space restrictions, or for any number of other reasons. For example, they might need to end events before midnight or stop serving drinks at a certain hour.

Ask right away if there are any restrictions, rules, or limits in place that you might have to adhere to. Often they are easy enough to work around, but it’s good to be informed from the beginning!

5. Can they deal with dietary restrictions? In this day and age, people adhere to a lot more dietary restrictions, which may be due to health, ethical, or other reasons. Regardless, you want to be inclusive in your event offerings so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

If the venue is providing food or drinks, be sure to ask if they are able to provide items which will be appropriate for certain dietary restrictions, if this is appropriate for your event. For instance, you may want to provide a vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free option, or you may want to include a couple of “mocktail” options for a baby shower so that the mom-to-be can imbibe something delicious.

6. What am I expected to bring? Be sure to clarify what is included in the package of renting an event space. For instance, they may be able to provide appetizers and cocktails for your birthday party, but you may be required to bring your own cake. Or they may provide some light decoration, but you may be responsible for bringing flowers or other decor.

Talk to the venue’s manager to get a good idea of what you might reasonably be expected to bring or supply. There’s a chance that they may be willing to work with you on various things, either providing various services or holding back on them so that you can supply certain things. There’s always room for negotiation here, but be sure that all parties are on the same page.

7. Is there on-site parking? Parking can quickly become a nightmare without proper planning. It’s always important to ask the venue what parking options are available. Depending on where the venue is, they may or may not have parking on-site. If there is parking on-site, be sure to ask if there is a fee for this service.

If there is not a parking area on site, inquire about other options, including valet service, garages, or a shuttle bus. Knowing what the proper options are for parking also allows you to inform attendees in advance.

8. What are the available hours for the event? Events require  a lot of planning and organization. However, when it comes to actual setup and execution of the event, it’s typically a one-day only affair. There’s typically much to be done in terms of deliveries and setup on the day of the event.

Be sure to check in with the venue about the hours that the venue will be available for deliveries, setup, and decoration. Often, there are specific policies in place. It’s always good to discuss them in case you have any exceptions or questions. You may also find that things you thought you’d be responsible for are included on the venue’s part.

9. Can the venue suggest resources? Usually, the types of events that require a space may require additional services from other vendors. Common added resources might include a great florist, DJ/emcee, or party planner. If you aren’t setting up events frequently, or are setting up an event away from where you live, then seeking out such providers can provide quite a headache. However, the venue can often provide insight in this regard.

Often, the managers of event space venues will have good knowledge of such service providers. They can also typically provide insight on them so that you can determine who might be the most appropriate to suit your needs.

10. What is the payment and cancellation policy? It’s always smart to discuss financial aspects of renting an event space. First and foremost, how are payments handled? Often, there will be a deposit before the event; be sure to check the specific policies for the venue in question.

Additionally, it’s always good to discuss what the policy is on cancellation. That’s simply because stuff can happen, both on the part of both the event space renter, and the venue. While nobody ever wants to cancel, certain extenuating circumstances can occur from time to time. It’s good to make sure everybody is on the same page from the get-go to avoid potential issues and hard feelings later on.

Planning is by far the biggest task of creating an event. By taking the time to consider these ten questions, you’ll be moving much closer to having a successful and stress-free event. Consider Clique Hospitality’s Las Vegas event venues when planning your next Sin City event!

What do you look for in an event space?

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