What is the “Slow Food Movement” and Why Does it Matter?

slow food movementWe have all heard of “fast food” and all of the chain restaurants that pride themselves on being these quick types of establishments. However, while “fast food” is a household term, most people have never heard of “slow food,” which as the name suggests is virtually the exact opposite of fast food. The slow food movement has become all the rage in the dining and hospitality industry lately and the more you know about it, the better.

For some, the name slow food may suggest slow service—which is an obvious negative, but the terms do not mean the same thing at all. Slow food is all about a commitment to quality instead of a commitment to speed. It promotes eating local and preserving the original techniques used to created regional dishes and to focus on quality, healthy nourishing food instead of speed and convenience.

Sound intriguing? Well, here are some more facts all about the slow food movement.

  • The slow food movement was created to counteract fast food and the lifestyle that accompany it.
  • The movement started with just 62 people in Bra, Italy and now more than 80,000 enthusiasts are part of the slow food movement.
  • There are more than 850 local Slow Food chapters all over the world that are spreading the message.
  • There are three main goals of the slow food movement: taste education, defense of biodiversity and interaction between food producers.
  • You can start embracing the slow food movement right at home by eating clean and swapping out processed products for simpler, healthier foods.
  • The slow food movement also promotes eating local, so you can start by buying items from your local farmer’s market.
  • Embracing the slow food movement is all about spending more time thinking about what it is that you are putting in your body and it can open up a number of new possibilities and ways of thinking if you really embrace these ideas.

Here at Clique Hospitality, we love sharing the message of the slow food movement, because we pride ourselves on the quality and attention that we place on the food in all of our establishments. Whether we are creating traditional Italian or putting a modern twist of Mexican cuisine, our focus is always on creating fresh, quality food first, so our customers can enjoy the type of wholesome, nourishing meals that they deserve.

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