Taking Share-Worthy Food Pictures for Your Social Media Posts

Share worthy food pictures

When it comes to taking social media worthy photos, no subject is as mouth-watering, or at times difficult to take photos of than food. Whether you love sharing your favorite dishes with your Instagram friends, are a professional food blogger or just want to get some traction on Facebook, the right photos can really go a long way. However, there is a major difference between taking photos that shine and get the attention of your followers and those that just…fall flat.

Here are some tips on how to take some share-worthy food pictures that are sure to grab the attention of all of your fans, friends and followers.

Have a Clean Background

The plating of any food photo is always key. You want to food’s presentation to shine in order to make sure it looks its best. The best way to do that is with a clean, white background that will let the colors on the plate really pop. This is why plates at Salute really stand out. They are served like pieces of artwork against clean, modern plates. When shooting an image like this, try to get at least 18 inches away so you capture the entire presentation. If you get any closer, your autofocus won’t kick in and the picture may not be as crisp.

Lighting is Key

Natural lighting is always a great option when it comes to shooting food photos. If you can get near a window with natural lighting, that can be very helpful. If you have to shoot at night, then don’t use a bright flash, as it will be too hard against the food and make the photo look harsh. A flash diffuser is an option, but your best solution is always going to be an establishment with great lighting. This is why Bottiglia is such a popular spot for all types of bloggers, as this restaurant is not only known for its clean, modern background, but for its soft, natural lighting that really enhances photos.

Event dining

Consider a Tripod

It may seem a little cumbersome in a restaurant, but if you really want your food photos to look like the pros, then a tripod is key. It is so much easier to get a clear photo using one—no matter how still you think your hand really is. The great part about tripods is that they now even make them for smartphones and they can often fold up very nicely into a little compact package that fits right in your bag.

Get Creative

Sometimes the smallest details can really make the shot when shooting food photography. Perhaps the creativity comes from your table arrangement, or even the background. At restaurants like Hearthstone, using the rustic background on the outdoor patio can create a nice contrast for food dishes and will elevate the photo beyond your basic white tablecloth photo.

Don’t Be Afraid to show the Close Up

While 18 inches is a good rule of thumb when shooting the whole dish, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get some close up detail shots. High-end restaurant food can be so interesting in photos because it has so many different details and textures to it. Go in for the macro shots and really hone in on some of those details, you may never know how unique your picture may turn out.

Keep these tips in mind next time you’re shooting photos at a CliQue Las Vegas spot, or at any restaurant when you’re out on the town. You may be surprised to find just how popular your next photos become.

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