Tips For How to Order Group Appetizers

group appetizers

Group dining is always a fun experience, especially when you are able to bring together large groups of family or friends. However, if you are in charge of ordering some appetizers for the table in this type of group setting, making the right choice on starters for everyone can seem like a big responsibility. Have no fear, it can often be much easier than it seems. In fact, here are some of our favorite tips for ordering appetizers for a group. Trust us, it is a great way to kick off your group dinner in style.

1.Ask About Dietary Restrictions

This is one that most people unfortunately overlook but it is really important, even if you don’t think people in your group have certain restrictions. You may not know who is a vegetarian, who is allergic to seafood or who has a gluten intolerance. It never hurts to double check, so make sure that you ask.

2.Avoid Spicy Foods

You may love spicy food, or know someone else at the table that loves it as well. This does not mean it is a good time to order a spicy appetizer. The majority of people would prefer something that is not spicy enough rather than too spicy to eat. Unless there is a group consensus on ordering something spicy, try to avoid it when ordering for other people.

3.Keep Your Food Simple

When it comes to ordering appetizers for a group, simple and easy is always the way to go. Think about ordering food that the most people from your group would like. Do not use this as an opportunity to sample squid for the first time. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t encourage a few people to try something new with this group appetizer order.

group appetizers

4.Get Enough For Everyone

There is nothing worse than sharing appetizers with a large group only to find there isn’t enough for everyone. You want every person to be able to try every dish, so order appropriately. You don’t want someone missing out, or two people to have to split a single meatball.

5.Ask For Suggestions

It is always appropriate to ask for suggestions from the group before you place an order. Your group may give you suggestions, or they may not, but it is always polite, and smart to ask. You may also want to ask your waiter or waitress for their suggestions on which appetizers are best for large groups. They serve at this establishment after all and will know what works and what doesn’t.

6.Place The Order Right Away

Appetizers are best enjoyed before the meal, and if you order too close to your dinner they will just interfere with the main course. Once you settle in, decide on your appetizers so you can order them while everyone orders their drink.

7.Be Aware of Who is Picking Up the Tab

Before you go on an appetizer ordering spree, be aware of who is picking up the tab for the bill. If you are splitting or covering the cost on your own, it is much different than if someone else is paying for everything. Be cautious of who is paying so you don’t end up ordering too much on someone else’s bill.

group appetizers

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