What is a Concept Eatery?

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What in the world is a concept eatery…and why should you care about it? The short answer is that concept eateries can have a powerful positive effect on not just your dining experience but your entire evening out.

At Clique Hospitality, we don’t just create places for our customers to enjoy food and drinks. We have a far loftier goal of creating an experience for our customers. We want them to have an incredible evening out that leaves them feeling incredible. Our concept eateries offer us the perfect venues to give customers an experience unlike any other. Here, we’ll explain the general idea behind restaurant concepts, concept eateries, and how both can play into a stellar dining experience.

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What is a restaurant concept? Before we can define a concept eatery, it’s important to understand the basics of a restaurant concept.

Every restaurant has a concept (whether they realize it or not). Before a restaurant can become a hot spot, before it can even design a menu or secure financing, it needs a concept. The concept is the overarching theme and style of the establishment, whether it’s a high end establishment offering haute Asian fusion cuisine or a casual neighborhood Italian joint decorated with red checked tablecloths.

Your concept is the basic thread that you want to convey in your restaurant. Often, this will reflect who you are and what you want to cook at your restaurant. For instance, if you are trained as a French chef and want to open a fine dining establishment, your concept might be as simple as this: French fine dining. However, if you want to create simple yet cheap roadside-style cheeseburgers, this could be a restaurant concept, too. A restaurant concept isn’t confined by the cost of ingredients or the style of the restaurant.

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What is a concept eatery? Now that you have a basic understanding of what a restaurant’s concept is, let’s delve into the idea of concept eateries.

A concept eatery is kind of like “restaurant concept 2.0”. Rather than just having an overarching theme or mission, a concept eatery is completely driven by its concept as the means to create something experiential for its customers. It doesn’t merely focus on delivering a particular type of cuisine or showcasing a certain theme in its decor, but has a concept which drives everything, from the setting to the decor to the menu style to the cuisine. It’s these combined efforts that differentiate a restaurant concept from a concept eatery.

In some ways, it can be difficult to discern the difference between a restaurant concept and a concept eatery, so let’s offer one of our restaurants, Borracha, to give a real-life example.

Borracha serves Mexican cantina-style cuisine with creative touches. A basic restaurant concept for such an eatery might be “Mexican favorites with a gourmet edge”. But at Borracha, we take things about 20 steps further, which makes the venue cross that line between a restaurant with a concept, into the world of concept eatery.

At Borracha, the concept driving the restaurant is a slightly irreverent Day of the Dead theme. This is evident in the award-winning design of the venue, which features beautiful hand-painted murals by artist Oscar Flores. The decor, which involves plenty of sugar skulls and Mexican and Aztec design elements, continues this theme.

By the time you’re seated, you’re already experiencing the concept of the restaurant at work. The experience continues as you order from the extensive menu of Mexican favorites and perfectly crafted cocktails, including a robust selection of tequila and margaritas.

Of course, while delivering high quality cuisine and showcasing beautiful surroundings is important, a concept eatery doesn’t need to take itself too seriously. The name of the restaurant Borracha is an idiom for “drunken woman”, which perpetuates the celebratory theme of the day. We urge a joyful celebration for every person who comes in, and we want them to leave feeling as if they have celebrated life through the setting, the cuisine, drinks, and great service.

As you can see, a concept eatery elevates a restaurant’s concept to the point where it creates a full experience for customers, rather than just offering a place to eat dinner.

What are the benefits of a concept eatery? So, what are some of the benefits of being a concept eatery, versus simply a restaurant with a concept?

A concept eatery isn’t necessarily better or worse than a great restaurant with a concept. It’s more about what a restaurant or venue wants to provide to the customer.

At Clique Hospitality, the heart and soul of our business is not just delivering great food, but creating a full customer experience. We want it to be a joyful and memorable experience going out for the evening, and put a lot of effort into delivering that to our customers with our unique venues. Our concept eateries are the way in which we feel we can best deliver this experience to our customers.

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Clique Hospitality: a suite of concept-driven eateries. As given in the earlier example, our venue Borracha is a successful example of a concept eatery. However, it’s far from the only concept eatery in our suite of venues.

Our group includes 14 different venues, each of which is extremely concept driven. Each of our restaurants is extremely concept-driven, and while they might not classify as concept eateries, our bars and clubs follow a similar goal of delivering not just drinks but an experience to our customers.

Why group concept eateries together? No matter how amazing your concept, your food, or your decor is, nobody wants to eat the same thing or have the same experience every night. However, with our carefully curated group of venues, we can offer consistently good service, products, and a consistently incredible experience while offering a great variety to our customers. On a trip to Vegas, a customer of ours might enjoy classic Italian cuisine at Salute Trattoria Italiana on one evening, an all you can eat tacos and tequila at Libre’s Taco Tuesday the next, and live music at Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar on another night. While the customer will be getting the same great service and high caliber of food, the experience will be different on each outing. In this way, our venues offer support to each other, and offer a great variety to our customers.

Even if they don’t realize it, every restaurant is driven by a basic mission and has a concept. However, when the restaurant decides to be driven by a concept in everything it does, it is considered a concept eatery. The Clique Hospitality group is composed of a meticulously curated group of concept eateries and establishments that offer the best hospitality Las Vegas has to offer, providing an experience for our customers that is truly our pleasure to provide.

Come see for yourself the variety and experience that our venues can offer!

What is your favorite concept eatery?

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