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Clique Hospitality, founded by Andy Masi, is a collaboration of talented food and beverage professionals who have helped shape the dining and nightlife landscape of Las Vegas since 2001. Clique Hospitality's goal is to make guests feel that a simple night out was more than just a memory, but also an experience. Clique is a boutique hospitality and marketing company with operations in Las Vegas, San Diego, and Chicago.

Transcending Hospitality with

service, quality, and trendsetting design.

Trendy, Upscale Venues

Clique specializes in upscale, approachable dining that sets trends, rather than following them.

Best in Hospitality

Servicing in the country’s most prestigious hospitality corporations, including MGM Resorts International, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Pendry Hotels, Montage Resorts, Resorts World Las Vegas, and Red Rock Resorts

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Meet the Team


Andy Masi
Emmeline Brandt
Shane Monaco
John Pettei
Austin Tochner
Jojo Ruiz
Keith Eure
Jason McLeod
CJ Young
Joanna Fravel
Jennifer “JD” Diaz
Jessica Ordonez
Caz Pal
Jessica Dusoe
Amber Poders
Lara Jubinsky


Mustafa Abdi
Paul Edgar
Joy Villanueva
Scott Diel
Brea Moore
JT Ford
Elina Arzumanova
Shannon Dupont
Erika Evetovics
Lucy Erickson
Taveya Montero
Ashley Vlastaris