Chef Allesandro Makes Bottiglia The Go-To Italian Restaurant in Henderson 

Sometimes people think that restaurants are like the great and powerful Oz, and they pay no mind to the man behind the curtain. At Bottiglia, however, they want people to know the talented individual who heads up the kitchen and creates the delicious dishes served to you daily. Meet Chef Allesandro, one of the reasons why Bottiglia is the best Italian restaurant in Henderson! 

Chef Allesandro Capuano

Name: Chef Allesandro Capuano

Position: Executive Chef

Bottiglia Tenure: Since August 2022 

From Naples, Italy

Favorite Dish at Bottiglia: King Crab Bucatini 

Influences: His Italian grandmother and mother 

What He Loves About Bottiglia: Aside from the food–the beautiful location and atmosphere

Fun Facts

Received his Master’s Degree in Economics and Finance before deciding to follow his passion for cooking

Started the first true Italian food truck in the United States, Ponti Ross

Loves to use special flour from Italy and fresh ingredients in his cooking and is always trying to bring out the best flavors 

Always loves to experiment with different cooking methods and techniques in his spare time 

Enjoys reading, traveling, playing a variety of sports, watching movies, and spending time with his family when he’s not cooking.

To see some of Chef Allesandro’s culinary creations in action, check out Bottiglia’s Instagram! Find out more information on Bottiglia and its amazing staff here

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