Leo Season Is the Best Reason to Come to Bottiglia in Henderson

Bottiglia Restaurant’s Star Sign Overview for Clairvoyant Bon-Vivant’s 

Leo season is well underway, which means most of our Leo ladies and gents are getting their way–more than usual–from July 23 to August 22nd. Since Leos are natural-born leaders who also love to be seen, Bottiglia in Henderson is high on their list of hot places to be spotted out and about enjoying the finer things. If you’re a Leo lion or lioness or just looking to impress one, read on to find the perfect ways Bottiglia helps this star sign wine, dine and feel extra fine.   

Sip and Sup in the Sun  

Leos are ruled by the sun and most love being outside because of it. As a fire sign, Leos usually have the ability to handle the heat as well as bring it with their quick tempers, so if they suggest sitting outside on Bottiglia’s adorable patio, just go with it. Order them an Endless Summer with Skyy Vodka, Bacardi Coconut, Pineapple, Poenegrate, and Lemon, and your fun-loving friend will quite literally be in their element. Leos are also extremely generous, so if this is your star sign and you want to thank your crew for sitting with you outside, get an Extra Okurrr for the table: this Grey Goose, prosecco, and juice concoction serves 8-10 and will have everyone on your Leo level in no time.   

Brunch is a Must at Bottiglia in Henderson 

Passionate Leos are not only outgoing but also love to have fun with their friends. Bottiglia’s Social Saturdays with beats, brunch, and booze were practically made for Leos in mind. The DJ starts bumping at 11 am this August 13th, so make sure you order some pancakes or Prosciutto Eggs Benedict before you start to shake what the universe gave ya because bottomless drinks are a no-brainer. Don’t worry about being left dancing by yourself, Leos are loyal to the core and won’t leave you out on the floor alone. 

The Royal Treatment

Our lovely Leos lap up special attention with a silver spoon as they love being treated like a king or queen, which makes Bottiglia an ideal location for spoiling them rotten. Besides the glam decor destined for a magazine spread, all of Bottiglia’s entrees and menu selections are delectable and delicious. If you’re truly wanting to lay it on thick for a Leo, order the Grand Shellfish Towers of shrimp, lobster, and oysters perfect for the Gram or trick anyone to think you’re staying at the Kennedy Compound on Hyannis Port. If you’re really going for rich, end the meal with some Chocolate Coconut Pudding and a spot of Limoncello. 

Leos are also known for their success, so this star sign has the right design choosing Bottiglia in Henderson this summer season and all year round!

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