Lobster Benedict at Bottiglia Makes for the Best Brunch

Looking to Up Your Brunch Game? The Lobster Benedict at Bottiglia Is Next Level

It seems impossible that brunch could possibly get better. It’s hard to improve upon an experience that is bookended with sleeping in and taking a nap–but Bottiglia threw their amazing Lobster Benedict into the mix and it’s making waves. Already setting the brunch bar high with their amazing drink specials, magazine-worthy decor, and optimal selfie lighting, Bottiglia’s Lobster Benedict is goals for all the right reasons.

It’s All About Balance

Ever been in that no man’s land between not knowing what you want to eat and wanting to eat everything? The Lobster Benedict at Bottiglia has your six with its zesty lobster, creamy hollandaise, and savory spinach, ensuring that no taste bud gets left behind. You won’t have to worry about battling your cravings as a serving of Lobster Benedict will be your weekend warrior and save you the trouble and the turmoil of having to choose.

Restore and Refresh with Lobster Benedict

Unlike that splash of OJ in your mimosa, Bottiglia’s Lobster Benedict actually does have health benefits worth mentioning. Lobster is well known as a favorite of the posh, but it’s also a solid nosh as it is a rare source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are helpful in protecting against depression and anemia–something especially essential for fighting those Sunday Scaries. Spinach is also stacked to the max with vitamins and nutrients like Vitamins A & C, Folic Acid, and Iron. Like eggs, spinach is high on the list of hangover helpers because it produces folate, something to consider when you don’t feel great from the night before. So whether you’re on the mend or looking to start a bender, Bottiglia’s Lobster Benedict is the perfect vehicle for your destination. Don’t forget to reserve your seat at the best brunch in Henderson, so you can party like a lobstar (or just eat it, that’s cool too). 

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