Side Piece Makes Pizza Delivery in Summerlin Easier Than Ever

Craving Side Piece But Can’t Get There? Side Piece Makes Pizza Delivery in Summerlin Easier Than Ever

There are many reasons why driving to get your favorite slice might not be possible. Your wheels might be in the shop, you’re smarting from gas prices that feel like a bitch slap to the face, or maybe you’re too hungover to move. No matter the why, Side Piece Pizza has the how–we make pizza delivery in Summerlin easier than ever. Here are three easy ways to get your ‘za without your ca’h. 

Order Online

Just like their killer menu, Side Piece likes to give you options. You can order online directly from the website with the benefit of scheduling your delivery for now or later. As a bonus, you’ll see exactly how long before your order will be ready before you even place it. If only all interactions with things you love could be this simple. It’s easy-breezy marinara squeezy. 

Use the Slice App

If you love pizza but hate hassles, then you have the Slice app. It’s like a magic button that not only makes your pizza dreams come true but also tells you how long it will be before they become reality. Transactions via the app are quick and easy with Apple Pay and you can even add a tip right at checkout and help a delivery boss out by not having to leave your couch. 

Go Old School for Pizza Delivery in Summerlin

Sometimes your WIFI goes out, and other times you haven’t looked up from your PS5 for days and want to make sure the human race is still kickin’. So if you’re hungry for pizza and a little human interaction, just give Side Piece Pizza a call at 702.640.0664. You don’t have to have pants on to order, but please have them on for delivery. The world is weird enough already. 

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