Brunch in Henderson: Why Hearthstone Should Be Your Next Stop

Looking for the best brunch in Henderson? We’re here to tell you why Hearthstone should be your next stop.

Ladies may lunch, but babes do brunch. Whether you’re looking to start your weekend off right or trying to come back to life, Hearthstone checks all the boxes for an epic brunch experience that will make it your go-to spot when you don’t want the fun to stop. From bottomless mimosas that won’t break the bank and entrees that will make your mouth water, Hearthstone hears the call and has all the answers.

Liquid Brunch

Let’s be honest, no one goes to brunch to dry out: the B in brunch stands for buzzed. Hearthstone knows what’s up and has dedicated a section of their menu to exactly what you came for. Their Liquid Brunch section boasts bottomless mimosas and/or Aperol spritz for $21 and a glorious Bloody Mary Tableside Cart to keep within reach when you and your crew are struggling to stay standing after a weekend of brews.

Menu for Any Mood

Don’t put your money where your mouth is and drink on an empty stomach. Hearthstone’s brunch menu covers more options than a downtown bookie, with a wide array of both breakfast and lunch dishes that not only taste amazing but will help keep the precious booze off your shoes. There’s also a dedicated section of plant-based dishes, so you can order the miraculous Impossible Burger for that friend you swore wouldn’t make it out the door–or bed for that matter–this morning after the evening before.


brunch in henderson

Making plans is difficult enough let alone actually following through. Hearthstone gets that adulting is hard, so they’ve made it easy by offering brunch on both Saturday and Sunday with an extremely generous window of 10 am-3 pm. You’ll have plenty of time to get your money’s worth of bottomless booze then take a Sunday snooze or maybe even do those chores you swore you were actually going to get to this weekend.

Brunch in Henderson at Hearthstone Should Be Your Next Stop

If the saying “I’m outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios” hits deep, then Hearthstone’s outdoor area is the perfect place for you to soak up some Vitamin D while you take down some Vitamin C. If the sunlight is still offensively bright after a long night, then take shelter inside at one of the many chic and cozy booths perfect for actually carrying on a conversation. Did you achieve the impossible and actually get everyone to brunch without a single flake? There are plenty of tables for accommodating your group of besties and maybe even the rando who turns out not to be a one-night stand man.

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