Create the Perfect Game Day Spread At The Still

Ready, Set, Eat! Create the Perfect Game Day Spread At The Still

If only ordering for the perfect game day spread was as easy as Hammie teaching Smalls how to make a s’more. Whether trying to please everyone in a group or just figuring out what the hell you want, finding the right food for the game can be more frustrating than Shaq at the free-throw line. Luckily, The Still has numerous food and beverage choices to create your perfect smorgasbord while watching the scoreboard. Learn how to select your winning combination in three easy steps. 

1. Pick Your Pallet 

There’s a quick quiz to take before even glancing at the menu to help you find your foody flow. It’s called “The Four S’s”  and it has one question: do you want something spicy, salty, sweet, or savory? Here are four great options for each at The Still to test your tastebuds: 

Spicy: Spicy Fries

Salty: Triple Play

Sweet: Deep Fried Oreos

Savory: Philly Cheese Steak Panini 

2. In the Drink

Go on the offensive before your order and select what you’ll be sipping on while your team is on. You don’t want your beverage to clash with your eats like the Green Bay Packers’ green and yellow uniforms. If you’re steering toward beer to go with a full plate, The Still has an entire menu section of Light and Easy brews from which to choose. If liquor is the quickest way to reach your goal, make sure to do a fair pair with the base taste of your entree. When in doubt, tequila with tacos is always a trusty route. 

3. Go With Your Gut to Create the Perfect Game Day Spread

Sometimes it all comes down to the ultimate question of “how hungry are you?”. For those who want a lighter fare, The Still has great options like the Tuna Poke Bowl which comes with a base of either brown rice or mixed greens that’ll leave you with no doubt about staying out. If you’re looking to pack on the protein with a punch of taste, The Prime Steak Tip Skewers are an excellent way to enjoy life literally to the fullest. Want something in-between? The Mini-Cheeseburgers are dynamite with their big taste in a small package. 

No matter the outcome of the game, The Still is confident in serving you up a W.

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