How Side Piece Is Better Than Your Average Pizza in Summerlin

Want the best pizza in Summerlin, NV? Find it at Side Piece, where they serve better than your average pizza from a true Italian pizzaiolo.

There are many reasons why the famous Dean Martin lyric “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore” gives all the feels, but mainly because pizza is love. But like too many of us–in relationships and food–we settle for the imitation knock-off just trying to get a taste of the real thing. While Side Piece Pizza can’t fill that void in your love life, it can restore your faith in pizza. Still don’t believe in a thing called pizza love? Here’s why Size Piece is better than your average pizza in Summerlin.

H3: Authenticity

The phrase “genuine Italian” is a sure sign of luxury from leather shoes to lovers, and The Slice offers the same stamp of credibility via Chef Enzo, who hails from Napoli.

Just like a bottle of Scotch tastes better stilled by a man in a kilt from the Highlands, so does pizza from a good-looking, true Italian pizzaiolo, and now you don’t have to go all the way to Italy for it. Side Piece Pizza offers delivery right to your door. Love at its finest.

Not Having to Pick Sides

Pizza wars are an actual thing, specifically between New York Style and Sicilian Style. Side Piece embraces a “make love, not war” mentality and offers both so you don’t have to choose between them and can enjoy the best of both the old and new world in one location.

So, you can fold your pizza or eat it square, prefer crispy thin crust to thick, and nobody at Side Piece will care. You’ll be so full and satisfied, you won’t put up a fight–about pizza anyway. The owners are avid UFC fans after all.

It’s The Little Things

When you’re in love (with pizza), you’d never dream of cheating. Why would you when you can have the perfect little slice at your heart’s desire? But every once in a while, you crave a little something different.

Side Piece gets this, and it doesn’t judge. That’s why their menu offers temptations like mouth-watering five layer meat lasagna or stromboli. You can drool all you want over these hot little dishes, but they know the tried and true pizza is why you’ll always come back.

Side Piece Is The Best Pizza in Summerlin

Well, it’s in the title, so it must be true! But if you’re still unsure about whether we serve the best pie in Summerlin, Nevada, it’s time you experience it for yourself. Order now for pickup or delivery and savor every single bite. We know you will.

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