The Still’s Beer of the Week

The Still’s Beer of the Week: Mango Cart by Golden Road Brewing

It’s Game 4 of the NBA Finals, and while we at The Still don’t like to pick sides, we do like to show support, so this week’s choice for beer of the week is from Golden Road Brewery, a nod to our west coast brothers, the Golden State Warriors.

(Note: We also figured that for Boston Celtics fans, featuring Guinness would be like introducing you to your own grandmother AKA just freaking rude). Here are the stats for our Beer of the Week.

Mango Cart

From: Los Angeles, California

Brewery: Golden Road

Style: Wheat Ale

ABV: 4%

IBU: 10

Pairs Best With: Spicy Korean Chicken Wings

Why It Slaps: A light wheat ale with a crisp mango finish. If the fruity aroma gives you pause, know that it makes your breath smell sweeter, a good assist for those with one eye on the game and the other on the hottie a few stools down. This benefit along with the session-friendly ABV delivers like the Splash Brothers. A perfect beer for watching the game while spitting game.

Review: “I like this beer because it reminds me of Steve Kerr: easy to stomach and does the job right with a surprising bit of sweetness. Also it kinda matches his hair. That’s gotta mean something.”

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