Side Piece Pizza’s Loyalty Program Shows Customers Love

Side Piece Pizza’s Loyalty Program Was Made for Grate Customers Like You

Tony Soprano once said, “those who want respect, give respect,” and this is as close to the Italian golden rule you can get (the other Italian golden rule is when Nonna tells you to eat, you EAT.). Side Piece Pizza in Summerlin puts an enormous amount of preparation and quality into their pizza because they legitimately care about their customers. They want to make sure that you enjoy your food every single time just as much as they’d like you to keep coming back for more. For an Italian, if you keep coming back, that means they get to keep taking care of you, which is how Italianos show love. Side Piece Pizza wants to thank you for your loyalty with more than just amazing service and food. Here are the details for Side Piece Pizza’s Loyalty Program, filled with that extra love they hope to spread. 

Rewards Program

The point of Side Piece Pizza’s Loyalty Program is to get you on your way to earning free pizza. When you sign up using the QR code, you’ll automatically earn 25 welcome points. After initial sign-up, you’ll earn a point for every dollar spent. When you reach and redeem 150 points, you’ll get a $30 discount. The best part about this loyalty program is that it’s good for dine-in, take-out, and delivery. No matter how you get your Side Piece Pizza, they are always grateful for your business and intend to show it. 

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship 

If you’re ready to grab a slice of something nice, head into Side Piece Pizza. Make sure you use your loyalty program, and you just might be one of the first to put a smile on our serious chef Enzo’s face (just kidding, he smiles every time he pulls a fresh pie out of the oven). No matter how you slice it, Side Piece Pizza is grateful for you and the chance to feed you and your family. 

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