Take-Out From Hearthstone Makes for the Perfect Night In

Want Home-Cooking Without the Hassle? Feast on Your Favorites With Take-Out From Hearthstone 

There are so many reasons to order take-out: it’s too hot outside, you’re tired, or you’re trying to trick someone into thinking you’re a good cook. Why you order take-out isn’t important, but what you order is. Don’t settle for less than the best just because you don’t feel like getting dressed. For quality home-cooked food that hits the spot no matter your location, take-out from Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar is a tried and true winner. 

At-Home Family Feasts

Don’t feel like cooking after a long day or afraid you’ll snap if your mother-in-law critiques your culinary skills just one more time? Hearthstone has your back with their At-Home Family Feasts, perfect for feeding the entire fam without a panic attack. With various options like Herb Roasted Chicken or Wood-Fired pizzas, you’ll be able to find something that even the picky eater in your family will deem digestible. Each feast comes with a choice of salad and two sides, so you can transfer them to fancy plates or save the dishes and dig right in harder than your in-laws on your parenting skills. 

Catering To Go 

If you love hosting people but your idea of prep is starting the Roomba and popping open bags of chips, let Hearthstone help out instead and bring you a savory spread. Choose from their classic selections perfect for parties like Lollipop Chicken Wings, Vegan or Mini Sliders, or the best of the boujee–a Meat & Cheese Board. For a more formal affair, serve a sit-down dinner starting with Apple and Quinoa Salad and Braised Short Rib for the main course. Whether you’re hosting a small group or a large crowd, select the best size and allow Hearthstone to make you the hostess with the mostess who lifts the least-est. 

Ordering Take-out From Hearthstone Made Easy

Hearthstone makes ordering a breeze when you just want your Truffle Penne Pasta, please. Order online or call in if you’re driving home. You can time it perfectly so that your Hangar Steak and fries greet your eyes before you get hangry and cry. 

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