A Charcuterie Board From Hearthstone Is the Perfect Solution When Your DIY Board Is No Gouda

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese With a Charcuterie Board From Hearthstone

Charcuterie is a difficult word to say and a bish to spell. Despite these technical difficulties, charcuterie boards are all the rage and popular as hell. Maybe it’s because this generation is bringing boujee back or perhaps it’s the popular theory that it’s just a childhood favorite–the lunchable–but for adults. Nevertheless, it appears these meat and cheese arrays are here to stay. While charcuterie boards are certainly delicious, there’s a suspicious amount of drawbacks to making them yourself. But you can rest assured that cheddar days are coming with a charcuterie board from Hearthstone. 

Bacon The Bank  

Charcuterie boards are like those word math problems from grade school: If Becki wants brie, cheddar, salami, and grapes on her 10×12 inch charcuterie board, how much of her $139 grocery bill will she end up throwing away? Creating a charcuterie board at home is expensive. Unless you’re using an entire Sequoia for a platter, only a portion of what comes in the package from the store will be able to fit on your board. You’re more likely to waste food and money trying to create your own. 

You’ve Got To Brie Kidding 

Did you know there are close to 1,800 different types of cheese in the world? There are also apparently 75 different variations of sausage, just one of the many meats that made the charcuterie-worthy cut. You practically need Google Analytics, a mathematician, and a magician to make a charcuterie board that’s both complementary in taste and to the taste of all those planning to partake. The only name you should be focusing on knowing at a party is that of the total snack standing by the bar, not the ones on the plate. 

There’s Got To Be a Feta Way: A Charcuterie Board From Hearthstone

Just because they’re hard to make doesn’t mean you have to swiss out on charcuterie boards–Hearthstone does all the heavy lifting and decision-making for you with their variation of this awesome appetizer. Their assortment of meats and cheese comes with marinated olives, foie gras and fig mousse, truffle honey, grainy mustard, and fennel crisps in either a large or small serving, so you’ll save your cheddar on something better than a DIY disaster.

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