Lift Your Spirits With Signature Cocktails From Borracha

Signature Cocktails From Borracha Cantina Match Your Mood

At Borracha, we know a thing or two about spirits–both the kind you drink and the kind that make you think you’re not alone in an old house. Our Day of the Dead decor does more than just provide a fun atmosphere. Our decor allows us to tune in and connect with the living, celebrate life, and say “screw it–life is short–have another drink!” No matter your mood, Borracha has the right insight to serve you exactly what you need. Take a peek at these signature cocktails matched magically to mindsets and vibes that will help you reconnect and feel alive.  


Are you feeling yourself today and hoping to feel someone else before the end of the night? Try a Botanico Fumador–a smoking flower–Botanist gin mixed with Ilegal Joven Mezcal, orange juice, passion fruit, and Scrappy’s bitters. With an earthy effervescence and wild tropical undertones, the Botanico Fumador will set you a-tingle and have you ready to mingle after the first few sips. 


If your current state is zen and you are in no hurry to return to the rat race, then the Slowpoke Rodriguez is right for you. This refreshing vodka has seltzer, and strawberries, with accents of mint, hibiscus, and lime, making it the perfect concoction for calm. The only location you’ll get to fast with a Slowpoke Rodriguez is your happy place. 


Are you looking for danger or is it looking for you? Before you meet, pull up a seat and order a Dragones Negro–Bacardi Dragonberrry Rum with blackberries, mint, and lime–and quench the thirst of that black dragon stirring up your thoughts. At least if you get into that trouble you’re trying to find you’ll have fresh breath and antioxidants coursing through your veins. 


Are your britches riding too high? Will those #%@$ kids not stay off your lawn? Come on into Borracha and order a Nana’s Sour. You can quell your complaints with a snifter of Ambros Banana Whiskey, Giffard Orgeat, Lemon Juice, and some Angostura Bitters that will make you feel like you’re in good company and that the good old days aren’t fading fast. You’ll be back to BINGO in no time. 

Sassy Signature Cocktails from Borracha

Sometimes being sugar and spice and everything nice is a little boring, so you need to spice it up a bit! Borracha took a classic Paloma and gave it a kick: they add some Ancho Reyes–an authentic spicy liquor from Mexico– with the traditional Espolon Blanco, Aperol, grapefruit juice, and lime. It may not be the key to life, but it certainly will hotwire you to a good time and a wild night. 

There’s no need for mood rings–just order signature cocktails from Borracha, where they’ve mastered how to serve you up the perfect libation for every situation.

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