Reverse Happy Hour at Bottiglia Is the Hottest Deal in Henderson

Back That Thing Up Into Reverse Happy Hour, Bottiglia’s Best Kept Secret 

Missy Elliot once wisely rapped in her song “Work It,”, “Ti esrever dna ti pilf nwod gnaht ym tup i.” A sage well ahead of her time, Elliot knew that some things are just better in reverse: reverse lyrics, reverse cowgirl and Reverse Happy Hour at Bottiglia. In a 9-5 working world, making it to Happy Hour isn’t always feasible, so Bottiglia has flipped the script to allow you to attend to your To Do List and still enjoy its amazing drinks for a reasonable price at a feasible hour. 

Who Is the Best? I Don’t Have To Ask You

Bottiglia secures its status as the best Italian restaurant in Henderson because it not only offers Reverse Happy Hour with half-off drinks and wine at the end of the night but also has the standard Happy Hour menu right at opening. Here’s a helpful chart to master the art of Bottiglia’s amazing deals: 

Day of the WeekRegular Happy HourReverse Happy Hour
Sunday(Brunch Day)9pm-10pm
Saturday(Brunch Day)10pm-11pm

It IS Worth IT, So Work It 

Sure as Missy makes it as hot as Las Vegas weather, Bottiglia’s Reverse Happy Hour is the real deal. So don’t stress about having to make it to Happy Hour and show up like a total mess, just take your time and rest assured that Bottiglia literally has it covered. There’s not a day of the week without a deal, so make sure you steal away to Bottiglia whatever chance you get to fill up on fantastic food and drinks without emptying your wallet. 

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